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Artist Resume

Suzanne Coverett Earls

“Peace by piece, making the world a more luminous place.”

Simcoe ON | | |



Artist Statement


Suzanne's recent focus at her Pieceful Arts studio in Norfolk Ontario is primarily fine art glass on glass mosaic portraiture and landscapes, exploring the relationships between individuals and their environment.


Enjoying the textures of natural materials and the luminosity of glass, Suzanne believes that it provides an incredible lit - from - within quality that is unparalleled in other mediums.  She has discovered that in life, as well as mosaics, even the sharpest bits can be made beautiful.


Most of Suzanne’s works are created from locally sourced cast offs: stained glass off-cuts and reclaimed greenhouse glass in hopes to help beautify AND lessen our environmental impact.  With the belief that talents are meant to be exercised and were given to create a positive, peaceful change in this world, she strives to fulfil her responsibility to improve this world we live in.




2018     Robertson Fine Arts Gallery, 12x12 Exhibition

2017     Robertson Fine Arts Gallery, Lawren Harris Exhibition, Juried,               Brantford, ON


             Flagship Gallery, Canadian Annual Mosaic Exhibition, Juried,                 Hamilton, ON


             Brant Colours Plein Air Event Exhibition, Paris, ON


             YWCA Hamilton Café, Hamilton, ON


             Healthy Rabbit Solo Exhibition, Brantford, ON


2018, 2017, 2016, 2015   

             McMaster Innovation Park, 18th, 20th, 22nd, 24th Art in the                   Workplace Juried Exhibition, Hamilton, ON


2015     337 Sketch, 8x8 Show and Sale, Juried, Hamilton ON

             Crawford Collective Member January 2015- April 2015


2014, 2011       

             Norfolk Art Gallery, Made in Norfolk Show and Sale, Simcoe,                 ON


2003     Nagoya International Artists Association, Juried Exhibition,                   Nagoya, Japan







2018       Poppies & Lake Erie  Art Battle Norfolk, Live , Timed Painting                 Event, 1st place, crowd jury

2017       Fox in Glass        Mosaic Challenge, All Things Great or Small                 Competition, 1st place, peer jury

               Apps Mill            Brant Colours Plein Air Event, 3rd place, 

               Juror: Robert Achtemichuk


               Sunset & Eye     Art Battle Brantford, Live, Timed Painting       

               Event, 2nd place, crowd jury


2016       Trust Issues        Mosaic Challenge, Glass on Glass       

               Competition, 1st place, peer jury






BA | 2001 | University of Western Ontario | Kinesiology

Introduction to Art course

Private Watercolour Instruction Dallas 2000

Private Watercolour and Pottery Instruction1999 Japan





2018      Simcoe Reformer  TPS Mural and Art Battle


2017       Brant News   Online publication October


2015       Associated Press  Carried in over a dozen publications     

               internationally, Jennifer Forker


2015       CBC Radio  Fresh Air Program, Interviewed by Sean Foley,     

               September 27


2015       Norfolk News  Ben Forrest, Printed May 14





2018 Commissions











































2017 Commissions

  • BC Children’s Hospital Mural | 15’ x 5.5’ | Glass Mosaic Mural - British Columbia
  • OnSite Logo | 12” diameter | Glass on Glass Mosaic – New York
  • Fox in Glass | 11” x 14” | Glass on Glass Layered Mosaic Portrait- Ontario
  • Teeterville Public School Collaborative Community Engagement Mural | 5’ dia | Glass Mosaic
  • Mermaid Tabletop | Glass Mosaic - Ontario
  • Maple Leaves | 9”x9” | Glass on Glass Mosaic - Ontario
  • #45 – Fragile Egos | 36” x 36” | reclaimed glass mosaic, charity auction item - Ontario
  • Pieceful Solitude | 12”x12” | glass shower insert
  • Fresh Faces Forward #1 | 16”x16” | Glass on Glass Mosaic Portrait - Ontario
  • Fresh Faces Forward #2 | 16”x16” | Glass on Glass Mosaic Portrait - Ontario
  • Akitas | 8”x10” | Alcohol Ink and Pen Portrait – UK

Other Private Collection Sales

  • Lavender |8”x 10”| Glass on Glass Layered Mosaic
  • Natsukashii | 9”x12” | Layered Glass Mosaic
  • The Here | 24”x36”| Acrylic on Canvas
  • Poppies | | Acrylic on Canvas
  • Muskoka Sunset | Acrylic on Canvas
  • Fireflies in a Twilight Meadow | 18”x 24” | Acrylic on Canvas


2016 Commissions

  • Courage | 12” x 12” | Glass on Glass Mosaic Portrait - Ontario
  • Serena | 8”x 10” | Alcohol Ink Portrait - Ontario
  • Rhubarb | 11” x 14” | Glass on Glass Portrait - Australia
  • Trust Issues| 22" x 59" | Glass on Glass Mosaic Shower Installation - Colorado
  • Spunk-i-dilly| 11"x14" |Glass on Glass Mosaic Pet Portrait - Ontario
  • Weathering the Storm| 8”x10”| Glass on Glass Mosaic-Ontario
  • Ritika| 11”x”14 | Glass on Glass Portrait-Texas

Other Private Collection Sales

  • Sugar Plum Fairies Mandala | 10” diameter| glass on glass
  • Frederick Douglass Lincoln Chair | glass mosaic on prepared surface Lincoln Chair, auction-Ontario



2015 Commissions

  • OLIVE and ALEX | 8”X10” | Glass On Glass Mosaic
  • SOLIDARITY | 20”X30” | Glass On Glass Mosaic
  • bINOO | 8”X10” | Glass On Glass Mosaic
  • Nessie | 12”X18” |Glass On Glass Mosaic
  • COLOUR OF LOVE |14”X16” | Glass On Glass Mosaic

Other Private Collection Sales

  • American Soul | 8”x 10” | Glass on Glass Mosaic Auction Item
  • Paddle Your Own Canoe | 9”x9”| Glass on Glass







Workshop Facilitation



December          Ornament Workshop Waterford Public School, ON

November          Pieceful Pendants – Benoni, South Africa

November          Pieceful Portraits- Cape Town, Pretoria,     

                          Johannesburg,  South Africa

June                  Hope Workshop, Ingamo Family Homes shelter,     

                          Woodstock ON

February            Pieceful Portraits – Sacramento CA

Jan- October     Sip’n’ Smash Private Event Mosaic Workshops ON

Jan- June           Pieceful Beginnings Workshops (biweekly for   

                          Community Living Residents) ON


December          Ornament Workshops Teeterville Public School, ON

November          Pieceful Portraits – Auckland, New Zealand

October              Pieceful Portraits – Melbourne, Adelaide, Australia

Aug- Sept           Pieceful Corporate Teambuilding – Softek,         

                           Monterray, Mexico

July                     Self Worth & Identity workshop, Ingamo Family     

                           Homes shelter, Woodstock, ON

July                     Pieceful Portraits, Colour and Value in Mosaic

                           Portraiture- Waxahachi TX

June                   Pieceful Portraits Retreat- Muskoka ON

April                    Pieceful Portraits, Colour and Value in Mosaic

                           Portraiture-Burlington ON

January              Arbitrary Colour, Value, Realism in glass mosaic       

                           portraiture –Sacramento CA

January              Exploration and Exuberance, Mosaic Mirrors, private

                          group- Scotland ON


November          Youth Workshop- REcreate at Art Forms (CMHA), -     

                           Hamilton ON

September         Beginner’s Mosaics, Second Mouse Cheesetique-

                           Delhi ON

September         Culture Days Communal Art Piece – Gravenhurst ON

August               Youth Exploraton Workshop – Windham Centre ON

August               Arbitrary Colour, Value, Realism in glass mosaic

                          portraiture – Gravenhurst ON

June                  Mosaic Beginner’s Workshop – Women’s Institute –

                          Paris ON

June                  Artsapalooza, guest artist for youth typography mosaic                            Teeterville ON

March                March Break Mosaic Day Camp – Beginner’s Bugs! –                              Scotland ON


November          Adult Glass on Glass Mosaic – Norfolk Art Centre-                                Simcoe ON

July                    Kids Day Camp – All things Mosaic Week! – Norfolk                                Arts Centre – Simcoe ON