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 Suzanne's  recent focus at her Pieceful Arts studio in South Western Ontario is primarily fine art glass on glass mosaic portraiture and landscapes; images that explore the relationships we have with each other and our environment.


Enjoying  the textures of natural materials and the luminosity of glass, Suzanne believes that it provides an incredible lit – from – within quality that is unparalleled in other mediums.  She has discovered that in life, as well as mosaics, even the sharpest bits can be made beautiful.


Most of Suzanne’s works are created from locally sourced cast offs: stained glass off-cuts and reclaimed greenhouse glass in hopes to help beautify AND lessen our environmental impact.  With the belief that talents are meant to be exercised and were given to create a positive, peaceful change in this world, she strives to fulfil her responsibility to improve this world we live in.


“Peace by piece, making the world a more luminous place.”