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Offering workshop facilitation in :


Pieceful Portraits -National and International Facilitation on                                  using arbitrary colour and value to create                                      realism and expression in people and pet                                      portraits for groups of 5-25.

Cape Town Portraiture Participants


Corporate Team Building-Years of adult education,                                              management and sales experience have                                        inspired me to provide a team building event                                  with a unique twist to build trust and develop                                  openness to change,teams will create a                                        company mural in one day that they will be                                    proud to display publicly.           

                          Contact me today to discuss your                                              objectives for this customizable, one day                                  event.



Sip 'n' Smash -Private group mosaic crafting parties held in

                         host home. All supplies included and brought on                           site for this 3-4 hr event.

Sip 'n' Smash

Private  and Semi-Private Lessons


Birthday Parties - Customizable projects for all ages 5+ up,                                  starting at $20/child.

PA Day Programming


Community Engagement Activities- Facilitation to suit your                               needs of engaging the community and producing                           collaborative art. Excellent for volunteer                                         organizations, churches, schools, businesses.



 Communal Art Piece for Culture Days

Community Partnerships


Contact me to start planning your event now.